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Home Décor

Flower Taper Candle Holder (Set of 4) On Sale

Introducing our Taper Candle Set  They come as a set of 4, crafted to add fun to your table.  These candle holders are perfect for taper ca…

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Jack and Stacy Taper Candle Holder Set & Gingko Tray On Sale

Jack and Stacy come as a pair and we've added in a Gingko tray, please choose them for a touch of elegance to any table.  These candle holders a…

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Funny Face Taper Candle Holder (Set of 3) On Sale

Introducing, Cupid, Stella and Flash.  They come as a set of 3, crafted to bring a smile to your table.  These candle holders are perfect f…

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Bella the Bubble Tray On Sale

Introducing, Bella the Bubble Tray. These are lovely as trinket trays for small jewelry pieces,etc.

Each piece is meticulously hand-poured, with subtl…

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